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LSU-SRP Seminar Schedule Fall 2012

Seminars will be on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m., Room 338 Choppin Hall


DateSpeaker(s)Title of Talk
Sept. 12Philip Potter

The Role of Metal Oxides in Dioxin Formation


Sept. 12

Dr. Maud Walsh

Denise Attaway

Dr. Albert Dela Cruz

Informal discussion: ATSDR-SRP Workshop
Sept. 26Matthew PattersonHallmarks of EPFR Formation from Phenol Interaction on TiO2 and Ultrathin Al2O3 surfaces
Sept. 26Dr. Tammy DugasMethods of Measuring Particle-associated Reactive Oxygen Species – Data Interpretation and other Pitfalls
Oct. 10Lucy KiruriNew Results for the Formation and Stabilization of Combustion-Generated, Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals on Alumina surfaces
Oct. 10Dr. Robert CookAn Expedition into Untangling the Soil Chapter of the EPFR Story
Oct. 31Joshua KibetToxic Molecular By-Products from the Thermal Decomposition of Biomass Materials
Oct. 31Greg LeeEnvironmentally Persistent Free Radical Exposure Enhances Influenza Severity in Neonates
Nov. 14

Invited speaker
Annmarie Carlton
Rutgers University

Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions Through Aqueous Chemistry
Nov. 28Chad ThibodeauxEXAFS Measurements of Incipient Wetness Prepared Nanoparticles: A Comparison to Dendrimeric Preparations
Nov. 28Dr. Slawo LomnickiA Brief Summary of the Visit to Zejiang University


Each presenter will give a short presentation (15-20 minutes) followed by 10 minutes for questions.


More information about the speakers can be found in About the LSU SRP Team.