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Margaret Reams

Professor of Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University
LSU Superfund Research Program
Community Engagement Core leader



2107 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Phone: (225) 578-4299
Fax: (225) 578-4286

Website :


Research Interests, Expertise:

  • Environmental policy and management
  • Resilience
  • Sustainability


Recent Publications:



Reams, M.A., Lam, N.S., Cale, T.M., and Hinton, C. 2013. Applying a Community Resilience Framework to Examine Household Emergency Planning and Exposure-Reducing Behavior Among Residents of Louisiana's Industrial Corridor. Journal of Emergency Management.11(2):107-120. Doi:10.5055/jem.2013.0130.


Cale, T.M. and Reams. M.A. 2013. Influences on Adoption of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets among U.S. States, 1998-2008. Open Journal of Political Science. 3(1):39-43.


Reams, M.A., Clinton, K.W. and Lam, N.S. 2012. Achievement of Climate Planning Objectives among U.S. Member Cities of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Low Carbon Economy.3(4): 37-143.

Reams, Margaret A. and Lam, N.S. 2012. Measuring Capacity for Resilience among Coastal Counties of the U.S. Northern Gulf of Mexico Region. American Journal of Climate Change.1(4):194-204.


Kongman, M., Wascom, M., Reams, M. and DeLaune, R. 2011. Water conservation practices for improving water-use policy in irrigated rice. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science. 57(3): 261 – 271.



Shu, Y., Lam, N.S., Reams, M. 2010. A New Method for Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Transportation at Fine Spatial Scales. Environmental Research Letters.


Renner, C.R., Haines, T.K. and Reams, M.A. 2010. Better Building Blocks: Effective State-level Programs to Reduce Home Losses to Wildfire. Wildfire March/April 2010.